Monday, June 12, 2017

Active Couch Potato + Patio Pictures

With summer nearly upon us, so begins the almost-nightly trips to get ice cream. I am not joking when I say that we spent about $40 on ice cream in the past few weeks. Going out to the ice cream stand is the perfect end to a long, warm day but, it's going to have to happen a little less often for us. Not only do our almost-nightly ice cream visits hurt the bank account but, it's been hurting my weight-loss progress too. 

Thankfully, the amount of extra activity we are getting in with the sun setting later at night is helping even things out a bit. While I didn't gain any significant amount of weight during our "staycation", I didn't lose any significant amount of weight either. 

In the past few weeks, I have found that there were days when I was successful and other days when I definitely was not even close. Especially when we went on a real over-night vacation to Niagara Falls last week {more on that soon}. The balance between success and failure in recent weeks seemed to translate in a stand-still on the scale -- which is better than a big gain in my book. 

To some, the warmer months might seem like the perfect time to lose weight but, for me, I always seem to struggle. I know why, too. It's the heavy and sometimes uneven balance between extra activity and extra indulgences {like nightly ice cream trips} that keep me from losing weight this time of year. There are days when I go for multiple walks a day because it's so nice out, and then I have other days where I order out, eat ice cream and sit on patio all night -- just relaxing. #balance right?

The warmer months are my favorite for relaxing in our backyard and also for exploring new places. I'd like to consider myself an active couch potato -- only, the with the couch being outside on our patio because, well, summer is coming. 

Speaking of our patio, I finally took a few pictures to share with you.

Piper even has her own section of the patio for her play-house, picnic table and toys. I love the placement of "Piper's patio" because it's a straight-shot view from our kitchen to the patio when our backdoor is open.

Our patio is one of my favorite places to sit this time of year. I love to go out under the patio at all times of the day.

On warm mornings, before Piper wakes up, I like to take my yoga mat outside and do some stretching to start my day. It's also great for mid-day when Piper's playing in the backyard. At night, when things are starting to wind down for the day, Nick and I love to sit under the patio and chat, too. It's just my favorite place to be right now!

If you know anything about my husband, then you know that he can make just about anything. Piper has been in love with wind chimes lately {she calls them jingle bells} and so, Nick made her a wind chime and it hangs from our back patio. Anything for his girls! He's such a good guy.

With summer on it's way, my covered-patio is one the place where you can always find me! My stone-patio comes in second place. But, it's been a close call lately now that we have a big umbrella covering the patio table out there.

I plan on writing quite a few post outside this summer, this one was included!

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