Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back to Routine

After about a month, I am happy to say that this routine-loving mama is back to her old routine. While I am going to miss my husband being home every day {after being partially laid-off for nearly a month} he finally went back to work yesterday!

Good news is, I'm back to work too -- on myself! These past few days I have been reaching my water goals, counting calories with Sparkpeople and getting a lot of activity in.


Contrary to my own initial belief, I actually got the same {if not less} time to myself when my husband was laid-off as compared to when he would work 40 hours a week. We just wanted to do everything together because we actually didn't know how long we would have with his lay-off until the end of last week. 

So, while in my head I thought, "oh -- good, my husband will be home all day so I can go workout whenever I want and I'll have more time to make healthy meals for us"; really, it didn't happen that way. Sure, I DID get out on more walks with my dogs these past few weeks than I have in these past two years combined; and sure, I did make a few healthy meals but, not as much as I thought I would. 

Mostly, during my husband's time off from work we just enjoyed the freedom of both being home with our toddler during the best time of the year. There were many last-minute beach trips, zoo trips, museum visits and so on. We had SO much fun while my husband was off from work that instead of overloading you with all the details now, I am just going to take a little time each week to recap some of our adventures from the past month {including our first overnight vacation with Piper} so keep an eye out for those updates, soon.

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