Thursday, June 15, 2017

Overeating My Emotions

"At some point, I came to realize overeating was adding to my hurt, not soothing it." - Lysa Terkeurst

Anyone else out there tend to soothe themselves with food? Whether or not I'm conscious of what I'm doing in the moment, I'm a total repeat offender when it comes to soothing myself with food. Mostly, I do this at night, when I'm tired. 

I can't tell you how many times my body has mixed up the feelings of being tired and hungry. The thing is, eating late at night doesn't fix the problem. I'm still tired after I indulge in a late-night binge and then, I end up going to bed feeling worse than before I soothed myself with food. This quote from Lysa Terkeurst couldn't ring more true to me.


Since coming across this quote, I have been more conscious of my bad habit of night-time eating. I have had a couple instances when I wanted to make myself some late-night nachos but, I refrained and I went up to bed instead. Do you know what happened next? I went to sleep and, it was a good sleep. That good sleep turned into a good morning because, I didn't have any regrets from the night before. That good morning turned into a good day and then, another good night. 

I'm almost through a complete week now without having a night-time binge and I feel so much better. Slip ups are bound to happen eventually but, I just need to keep in mind that eating my feelings isn't going to fix anything. If I'm tried, I need to rest, not eat.

Readers, what emotions do you tend to eat instead of deal with and, in what non-food way will you react the next time you come across this emotion?

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