Monday, June 5, 2017

Watch Your Habits Not Your Weight

Hi friends. It's been a while... again. I can't believe how many of you are still hanging around here given my absence these past few weeks. You're all seriously the best. Thank you!

If you can imagine, keeping up routines has been a little difficult 'round here since my husband has been partially laid off from work. It's been one big long weekend over here! While this lay-off has been challenging in some ways, it has been the biggest blessing in others. You can read more, here: Perspective = Staycation.

One thing that's definitely hurting from Nick's lay-off {aside from our bank account} has been my diet and exercise routine -- in that there is none. It's kind of funny actually. Nick got laid off and we both immediately went into summer vacation mode, circa 2003, when we were together in high school. 

These past few weeks we have been staying up late watching Netflix {until like 1 a.m.} every night which, always seems to lead to midnight nachos, with lots of cheese and sour cream. I'm not joking when I say that this has become a habit.

We've been acting like kids with no regard for our health with these late night snacking sessions and, while it's been fun and satisfying, it's not going to fun and satisfying for me in the long-term. I'm not saying the late-night show and snacks are completely out of the picture but, I think we both agree we will be cutting down on how late and how big our snack sessions will be from here on out.

For the month of June, my motto is going to be to watch my habits, not my weight. Even with all of these bad choices I've been making in the food department lately, I still find myself stepping on the scale at the end of the week, hoping for a miracle. Hah. This motto couldn't ring more true for me and my own personal needs right now. I need to stop looking to the scale for a way out of this mess and start looking at the habits I'm creating for myself. 

If I want to see progress, I need to make progress in my habits every day.

Current focus:
>  Drink 120 oz. water daily
>  Be active for 90 minutes per week
>  Keep late-night snacking to a minimum
>  In bed by 10:30 every night this week
>  Stay within calories as often as possible

There's still no definitive date for when my husband will be going back to work full-time. I do know for sure that he will be off the remainder of this week and so, I'm going to try to keep a good balance between taking full advantage of our family time together {beach trips, zoo, walks, etc.}, focusing on my work with Anything Rustic and, also, focusing a little more on myself and my goals for weight-loss!


  1. I too find it hard to stay on track when my routines change for whatever reason. Good luck getting back to your goals - but sometimes a break is needed, so try not to be too down about it. And good luck with hubby getting a job - best wishes to you both!

  2. I am not even off from my routine and I can not stay on my healthy eating track! I wish you the best of luck with your June goals!