Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017 Accountability Challenge Wrap-Up

My second-annual August Accountability Challenge is coming to an end and it is super bittersweet for me.

Over the course of this month, I have been watching some amazing people fight for their health by working on daily and week-long challenges. I have come to respect them for their efforts and will definitely miss seeing their progress on a daily basis.

At the beginning of this Accountability Challenge, I had my group members share their goal for the month. My goal for August was to lose 5 pounds. I am so happy to share that I reached my goal. I lost 5 pounds in August!

As for my group members, they had a lot of success this month, too. Here's what some of them had to say about this challenge group:

Bethany S. - "I have noticed that I am more aware of my choices and being intentional about working out and drinking water. I would definitely do it again for the motivation and accountability." 
Laura W. - "I learned that I don't have to track my food everyday (which always seems so insurmountable) but just doing it 2-3 days a week was enough to make me more aware and conscious on the other days." 
Monica M. - "I have noticed that I'm much more likely to reach my daily goals when they are pre-planned. I'm much more conscious of what I eat especially when I am keeping track of portions, calories, etc. I would definitely participate in future challenges and I'd like to reach out to friends of mine as well to join us all in reaching our goals!" 
Karen B. - "I learned I don't drink enough water and there is really no reason for it... Its just a mental battle with myself to drink it..." 
Stephanie H. - "... I am horrible at tracking food. But I love to run/workout. I feel stronger and happier ... I would join another group!" 
MaryJane L. - " I learned that if I put my mind to it I can do this. I am worth it! I would definitely join again." 
Melissa T. - "I have been getting back into my workout routine and I feel better and sleep better. I would definitely join again."
Heather M. - "Groups like this are great motivation and a great tool to help encourage healthy daily choices, from workouts to water goals, food tracking, to just setting a simple goal for the day. Positive reinforcement that even if you didn't accomplish your goal for today that you get a fresh start tomorrow. A great way to keep you accountable for your choices and goals!"
This challenge reinforced for me that success is truly had by daily choices and that every day counts, either toward or against my goals! 

While I won't be hosting an accountability group in September, I sure am going to miss checking in with my group on the daily. I do plan on hosting another accountability challenge eventually. It's a lot of work but, the reward is so great... for us all!


Thanks again to everyone who participated and, if you're interested in joining us next time, send me a message or comment below. The more the merrier!

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