Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Full Summer Weekend of Fun

Sometimes it's the ordinary days that bring me so much joy.

Yesterday was the first day that I got to take full advantage of being on "summer break" from my Etsy shop. The weather was perfect yesterday morning and so Piper and I went down to the park. We spent a lot of time swinging on the swings and just playing around. We were the only ones at the park on this Monday morning, which was really nice.

After playing at the park, we went down to the creek to throw rocks. After a while, Piper found some mud to get her hands into and, I let her. She was so excited and started throwing the mud into the water along with some rocks. Piper loves to throw rocks into the water. She could do it for hours if I let her, and actually, I did let her go at it for about an hour until it was lunch time.

After Piper ate lunch, I read her some books and put her down for a nap. Instead of working during her nap, like I've been doing all summer, I actually had two hours to myself. I decided to use those hours to clean the house because, well, we had a really busy weekend and not much got done around the house. I know, I know, that doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to do during my two hours of freedom but, a clean house makes me feel good. When I feel good, I make good, healthy choices. So cleaning my house helps me to lose weight. It's a science.

This weekend was busy and full of summer fun -- with a little bit of Christmas thrown in there. 

On Friday, my mom hosted a "Christmas in July" party, where we dressed up and watched the movie "Elf" outside, with her projector. We've love watching movies under the stars at my moms house this summer. That night was especially fun!

On Saturday, Nick and I had a little date night. We took a long drive on some back roads and found a trail down at Pymatuning State Park. We held hands and went for a walk along the water. It was so peaceful. We also stopped to see all of the fish while we were there, since that is the main attraction of the park. It was fun to do something so different!

After our walk by the water, we went out to eat at a new restaurant in the small town of Linesville. We were the only ones in the restaurant, which I was surprised because it was such a little cute place. 

We both shared an order of mozzarella sticks and each got a personal pizza. I had a BLT pizza and he ordered the BBQ Chicken. Both were amazing! It was a great way to end the date night!

On Sunday, Nick played electric guitar with the worship team in church. He did a great job and I was so proud of him. 

His dedication to our church, his work and our family amazes me. We don't always make it easy on him and yet, he juggles everything that comes his way with such grace, patience and understanding. I love that man so much!

Sunday evening was a really fun night for our family. We attended our church picnic at a local camp ground.

Everyone brought a dish to share and boy did we enjoy ourselves! The food was great and so were all of the family activities at the camp ground!

There was a big pool open for us to swim in and a splash pad for the little kids. We made some great memories this weekend.

 I love summer so much, this one in particular being my favorite one so far!

I'd be happy if time would freeze right now.

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