Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Treating Myself Within My Calorie Range

Hot summer days and ice cream just go together. Am I right? I have wanted to end the day with an ice cream treat almost every day so far this week and so, I have. I made sure to save enough room in my calorie-range so I could fit it in each day. 

If I learned anything from my binge last week it was to not deprive myself of something I want. I just need to make room for it. So, if that means having smaller meals throughout the day or even making the treat smaller itself so I can indulge a bit, then so be it!

So much of my success in this weight-loss journey has to do with self-discovery. While I blog about what I'm doing to lose weight, that doesn't mean that what I do will work for you. I am just sharing what works for me, mostly so I can look back on my journey and re-evaluate as needed.

I know from experience that deprivation doesn't work for me. I can't restrict myself from eating certain foods. My favorite way to be healthy and lose weight is to have a little bit of everything in moderation.

Here's an example of what an average day of food looks like for me:

That is an example from July 14, 2017. For breakfast, I had a smoothie. I had a tortilla wrap for lunch. I had a tomato and mozzarella flatbread pizza for dinner. I see in the snack category that I must have finished Piper's Wendy's leftovers {mom-perk} and I also treated myself to some Reeses Pieces.

At the time, my calorie range was somewhere between 1,610 - 1,960 and so, as you see in the example, I made sure it everything I ate that day fit within that range and I got some treats in there for myself, too.

As I lose more weight, my calorie range will change. One way of knowing that it's time to switch up my calorie range is if I'm doing everything right {staying within calories} and I still end up having trouble losing any significant amount of weight.

Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I do stay around the same weight for a couple weeks but, that's usually because I have a few days of going over my calorie range. It's when I'm sticking all within my calorie ranges and I'm still having trouble losing weight, that is when it's time to re-evaluate the calorie range.

Since I have lost 20 pounds this year, I re-entered my stats into and found that my new calorie range should be 1,560 - 1,910. As of today, that's the new calorie range I am aiming for each day.

If I ever have trouble staying within my new calorie range {which I shouldn't since it's not much of a difference, yet}, I'll adjust and try to ease into it better. It's all about trial and error and finding what works best for you!

The plan can only work as long as I'm working it -- and I'm working it this week, for sure!

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