Monday, September 18, 2017

I Know It's Coming

The weather this past weekend was nothing short of amazing. We had some 80-degree days with partly sunny skies and a calm, warm breeze. It was perfect. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I normally would because, I was sick. I'm talking sore-throat-followed-by-an-intense-chest-cold kinda sick. Thankfully though, I was feeling good enough to enjoy some of the weather yesterday.

I'm still not at 100% yet but, I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to when I finally wake up feeling completely healthy again after days and days of not feeling well. It's a feeling like being born again and, I'm going to take advantage of that feeling once it gets here! I am going to use that feeling of being reborn to jump start myself back into losing weight. I know it's coming.

Last week was fair week {a full recap coming soon}, so all that fair food combined with my long-weekend illness {and zero activity} definitely didn't help matters on the scale. To be honest, I'm kinda of ignoring the scale until after I feel better.

I'm not the only one who has been sick in my house. Piper actually caught this thing first and the poor girl still isn't 100% either. My husband has been an absolute rock star, taking care of the both of us this weekend. I, myself, barely left our bedroom at all on Saturday. He took care of everything! 

My advice for anyone who is wondering -- marry the man who will make you soup and bring it up to your bedroom all hours of the day, checking in to make sure you're doing okay, and basically taking care of all of your needs while your sick. With tomorrow being our eight year wedding anniversary, I am reminded now more than ever just how blessed I have been to have been married to my man for eight amazing years. {More on that tomorrow...}

As for my slow attempt to get back on track, I will leave you with my meal plan for our dinners this week:

Monday - Chili

Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan over Zoodles

Wednesday - Burrito Bowls

Thursday - Dinner with Friends

Friday - Date Night

Readers, what's on your plate this week?

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