Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday #6

This week has been a little rough for me. I've been sick the whole time and I'm just not feeling like myself much at all. I feel so disconnected most of the time because of my sinus pressure. It's been weird. 

Even though I have been feeling slightly miserable with this crud I'm battling, writing my "Thankful Thursday" posts always makes me search for some fun things I still have to be thankful for each week.

Fair Week

Fair week 2017 has come and gone! We love our local small-town fair for so many reasons. I am going to share a post about this year's fair week soon but, in the meantime you can see older posts on our local fair and our love for it all, here: Fair Week is Back, 2015Piper's First Fair Week, 2015Fair Week, 2016.

Working From Home

As you read above, I am still sick, going on over a week now. This is one nasty bug that Piper and I have been fighting. My cough is mostly gone, now if only I could get rid of all of this sinus pressure. Thankfully, I work from home so working in your PJ's {and even sometimes from bed} is totally acceptable here.

P.S. I didn't make an official announcement but, Anything Rustic is back from summer vacation!

Anniversary Flowers

This week, my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary together. He often gets me flowers, sometimes just because, but I loved our anniversary flowers particularly this year because they had such a variety in them and they just look like the new season we're in -- Fall.

Leggings as Pants

I think we won the battle. Is this even considered a controversy anymore?

Fall means many things, one of my favorite being that I get to bust out all of my leggings, again. Leggings are so warm and they feel like butter on my legs. I don't care if they ever go out of style, I think I'm a lifer.

Indoor Crafts

Fall is officially here and that means we will get some warmer days {like we had most of the week} and some chilly days. On the chilly days, I am looking forward to doing all of the indoor crafts with Piper that we haven't had much of a chance to do this summer.

I am starting to stock pile indoor craft ideas so if you have any good ones, let me know!

Readers, what is something fun you're thankful for this week?

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