Monday, September 25, 2017

The Month of Weight Gain

Up until September, I had been able to either maintain my weight or lose weight rather consistently this year. This month, however, I may be ending with a gain on the scale.

September turned out to be the perfect storm for me. There was some planned over-indulging and some not-so-planned overindulging.

At the beginning of the month, I had some serious back/neck issues. I was SO uncomfortable day and night. I didn't want to cook much and I sought out comfort food while I was in pain. Thankfully, my chiropractor is awesome and she fixed me up just in time for Fair week to begin!

Speaking of Fair week, that was also part of the perfect storm. If you haven't been reading my blog then let me tell you, fair week is a week where we buy very little groceries and just eat out at our local fair every night. It's an annual tradition and, I regret nothing. This was a planned week of overindulging.

Now, toward the end of Fair week, I got sick. I mean, like, really sick. I actually stayed in bed for a full day during the weekend, trying to get better while my husband took care of everything {because he's the best} and it still didn't cure me. I went through days of headaches, a wicked sore throat, followed by a serious chest cold and then the worst sinus/ear pressure I've ever had. {side note: I think sinus pressure could be considered a form of torture. You look healthy, but you feel like you're on another planet.} While I was sick, I ate a lot of comfort food. My husband cooked me comfort food and we also ordered out a lot.

It's safe to say we ate out more days than we ate in this month. It wasn't all planned but, it wasn't all within my control either. It's hard to make good choices for yourself when you aren't feeling good.  

Could I have done better? Yeah, definitely. But, as I said, this was my perfect storm. I gave in time and time again this month, seeking comfort food when I was uncomfortable. 

Funny thing about seeking comfort in food, I did it and I am still uncomfortable, only now it's because I'm bloated. I can feel the extra weight, even if it's only around 5 pounds. I am ready to stop the cycle of feeling uncomfortable. I am ready to stop feeling this way.

I may have a lot of excuses in this post but, none of them are excuse enough for me to give up. I will continue on.

As I come out of this month of weight gain, I am going to try and get myself away from using food as comfort by seeking comfort in the Bible, instead. I am going to work on a couple study plans from This is the best place I know to start right now. 

This is the final week of September and I'm not giving up. I am diving into my faith while keeping faith in myself. 

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