Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday #1

I decided to start a new series for my blog called "What I Ate Wednesday". I saw this idea on Krista's old blog {} and I like the accountability potential from sharing a full day of eats with you all.

As for my version of the "What I Ate Wednesday" series, all of the photos I share on Wednesdays will actually be of everything I ate the day before. That works best for my writing schedule.

So, here's my full day of eats from yesterday.

September 5, 2017

Breakfast | 381 calories

I woke up around 7 a.m. and Piper was still sleeping, so I started off my day with a warm cup of coffee.

Funny story, this summer I got rid of our coffee maker because we weren't drinking coffee at all but, now that the cooler weather is back, I have been craving a warm cup of coffee in the morning. So, we have switched to instant coffee for now. I may need to look into getting a new coffee maker, soon.

When Piper woke up, I set her up at the kitchen table to paint a craft for her Nina {grandparents day is coming up quickly}. While Piper painted, I made breakfast for the two of us. I made myself a turkey bacon omelet {2 egg whites, 1 egg} with a slice of Deluxe American Cheese and she got the same thing, just deconstructed.

Lunch | 210 calories

Lately, I have been lovin' on some veggie wraps for lunch. I use hummus as the base and pile on all the veggies. I will share my exact recipe with you on Friday so, if this looks good to you, stay tuned!

Snack | 70 calories

Piper had a Lunchable for lunch and in it were two Double Stuffed Oreos. I only wanted her to have one, so I took one for the team and ate the other. Oh, the sacrifices I make... wink wink.

Dinner | 487 calories

Dinner was an all-time house favorite: burrito bowls!

Burrito bowls are our jam.

After eating my burrito bowl, I was still a little hungry so I finished off the rest of the rice with another dollop of sour cream because sour-creamy rice is my favorite.

Snacks | 661 calories

Yesterday, I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck and I pulled out all the stops to get rid of it. I took a Tylenol; I rested with a heating pad, and; I asked for a back rub from my husband. Finally, toward the end of the day, I resorted to a glass of wine. Wouldn't you know it helped the most? Just another reason to love wine.

And chocolate, chocolate always helps, too.

Daily Calorie Goal: 1,560 - 1,910

Yesterday's Total: 1,881 calories

{NOTE: I also drank 152 ounces of water throughout the day!}

Yesterday was my first day of eating well and within calories in a while and it felt so good to be back on track! {And yes, eating well does include Oreo's, chocolate, wine, and homemade peanut butter blossoms. My method to "losing weight while living life" includes all things in moderation and within calories.}

Readers, what's on your plate today? What kind of coffee maker do you use? Recommendations for me, please?

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