Monday, October 30, 2017

Long Weekend Recap

Monday's aren't so bad, right? These past couple weeks, Monday has been a welcomed day in our home. Our weekends have been fast and fun lately and I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon. Monday is that time for me to take a deep breath and get back to business.

Today, I am going to share with you our long weekend recap.

While Wednesday is not really considered part of our weekend, I did want to share that Piper went to a dance class on Wednesday night and she had so much fun! We didn't sign Piper up for dance classes yet; it was a one-time thing for now {Piper's already signed up to start Tumbling and Music Class this week} but, it was fun nonetheless!

Our weekend really began on Thursday, when Nick's mom watched Piper in the evening. Sometimes, Nick will have guitar practice with the worship crew at church on Thursday evenings but, he has had the past two Thursdays off and we've been taking full advantage of those nights together.

This past Thursday, Nick and I went out to dinner. It wasn't exactly planned, it just kind of happened and, nights like this are a big part of the reason why we haven't been losing any weight lately.  {Sorry not sorry.} Anyway, after we dropped Piper off at Nina's, Nick and I went over to my friend, Cait's, house so Nick could check out her furnace. By the time we were finished, we decided to skip the shopping trip we had in mind for the evening and went out to dinner, instead.

On Friday night, we went out to dinner again. {See what I mean, we've been eating out a lot lately.} We met our friends, Steve and Mindy, out for dinner to celebrate Steve's birthday. We had so much fun with them! I ordered a steak salad and Nick ordered ribs. We all got cheesecake to take home, too. We regret nothing. {Haha}

On Saturday, we got together at my mom's house in the morning for our first Life Group. A Life Group is basically like a Bible study and then some. There are 6 of us in our Life Group right now and, it went great! 

On Saturday afternoon, Nick stayed home with Piper while I went grocery shopping. I stocked us up on a lot of good food for the week ahead so, I'm planning on making this the week when I finally start losing weight on the scale, again. Nick is going back to guitar practice on Thursday and he's going out with his guy friends on Friday. So, I have no excuse to be eating out this week. {Let's just ignore the fact that tomorrow night is Halloween, okay?}

Sunday was a much needed, low-key day for our family. We did go to church for our Core class but, Piper didn't. My mom took her to her house, instead. Piper got really sick on Thursday night and on Friday, we took her to the doctor to find out that she has Croup. While she is mostly fine during the day, she gets really sick at night. It's been a rough 5 days for us, going on little sleep over here, but Piper is handling it all pretty well. She has been resting a lot each day and it's been helping! {Along with that steroid shot she got at the doctor's office on Friday. Ouch!}

On Sunday morning, Piper got to rest at Gigi's while Nick and I were at church and then we spent the rest of the day at home, where Piper watched all the seasons of Curious George. I'm kind of not exaggerating, either. Around 7 p.m. our Firestick gave us a high-heat warning because it was running all day long. Sunday was a much-needed lazy day for us all.

Today is Monday and we're spending another low-key day inside but, it's not going to be a lazy one for me. I am catching up on laundry {it's about 11 a.m. and I'm already 4 loads in for the day} and getting to work on my Anything Rustic orders and other household chores.

Readers, how was your weekend? Are you ready for this Monday?

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