Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Getting to the Gym with a Toddler Routine

If you've been reading here lately, then you already know that I recently joined the YMCA. If you're fresh to the news, let me fill you in real quick. 
We joined our local YMCA {last week} because my husband, Nick, and I wanted a place to work out during these colder months of Fall and Winter. It was a huge bonus to our family that our local Y offers Child Watch during our work outs for our daughter, Piper. They also offer many different free programs for Piper to participate in, such as tumbling and music class, too.
Now that I've been a member of the YMCA for a week, I have some things I want to process with you all. Today, I want to discuss my getting-to-the-gym routine.

Since I'm totally new to this whole going to the gym with a toddler thing, it took a couple occasions of trial and error before I felt comfortable with my new routine.

Before I share my routine, I think it helps to know that we have about a 15 minute drive each way to and from our Y and, we usually go in the mornings vs. evenings. So, I'll give you the routine for our morning trips.

1. Pack my gym bag night before.
Packing my gym bag the night before has helped me in many ways. Not only does it save time but, it gives me less of an excuse not to go in the gym in the morning. More like a "well, my bag is already packed so I might as well go" kind of thing.
In my gym bag, I make sure to pack my water, a change of clothes, my robe, a towel and my shoes. I keep certain toiletries in my gym bag on a regular basis so it's less for me to remember to add to the bag each time. Toiletries such as, travel-sized shampoo, deodorant, make up remover facial wipes, etc. Our gym has a shower room so, I usually take advantage of their shower room after my workouts.
2. Eat breakfast before we leave or pack it for ride in.
Child watch at our gym starts as early as 9 a.m. If we make it that early {which only happened once so far}, we usually take our breakfast on the road. So, planning ahead meals like breakfast burritos or something easily eaten in the car helps a lot.
3. Pack toddler essentials.
Piper's toddler essentials include a stuffed animal of her choice; the Kindle {so she can watch a show on the way in}, and; snacks/lunch for her to eat on the trip home. 
Depending on what time we're leaving the Y and, how much Piper ate for breakfast, her snack on the way home can actually end up being a full on lunch. I always pack her water and often pack a to-go applesauce pouch, granola bars, string cheese, and/or a ham and cheese wrap.
Once we get to the Y, we usually spend about an hour there. As I get into a more firm routine at the Y, I will share that with you all, as well.

Readers, are you or have you ever been a member of the YMCA? What's your favorite gym or place to work out?

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