Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spontaneous Outing to the Children's Museum

Day by day, we create our future selves by the decisions we make. Yesterday was a good day. Finally!

Not only did I stay within calories {I use to track my calories and macros} and drink all of my water; I also had a fun spontaneous outing with Piper. 

I love days like yesterday and Piper does, too.

Yesterday morning, as I was folding clothes into neat piles on my bed, Piper was laying next to me, watching Curious George on the television. She was still waking up and I was, too. {I like to do chores like folding clothes before I am fully awake and realize what's happening.} 

Halfway through my coffee and folding the basket of clean clothes, I decided that it would be a good day to get out of the house. I dropped what I was doing and asked Piper if she wanted to go to the local children's museum. She sat right up and excitedly said, "Yes! Go play at children's museum again!" She then started listing all of the things she loved to do there. She mentioned the water table, the shapes and grocery shopping. Once we got there, we did it all!

"Grocery shopping" is one of my favorite things to do at the museum with Piper. It's quite hilarious to watch all the kids running around with their carts; frantically picking what items they want to "purchase". Sometimes it gets tense in there; similar to real life grocery shopping, depending on where you shop. {Haha}

Piper did so great at the children's museum. We made multiple trips to the bathroom {because, potty training is never-ending as it seems} and we made it through the entire visit and the ride home with no accidents. I was so proud of her!

Piper got a year-long pass for her 2nd birthday to visit the children's museum from her Grandpa Fred and Grandma Christina. We have used our membership pass many times this year. It's been invaluable for us! We will definitely be looking into getting another pass for next year.

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