Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? Our weekend was pretty good over here.

On Thursday, my husband and I got to have a date night. We tried out a new restaurant and it turned out to be a great find for us!

On Friday, after Nick got home from work, we headed over to the last home-game for our high school's football team. Nick's mom was working the concessions this season and so, we volunteered to help her out at the last game! I was in charge of the cold and hot drinks section and Nick was in the back helping with meatball subs, pretzels and popcorn.

I am smiling thinking back to how much fun we had that night. The entire concession stand was filled with our family and so, despite us being non-stop busy most of the time, it didn't seem like work at all. We found out later that we had a record-breaking night for concession sales!

On Saturday, our little family woke up early and went to the gym. Piper played with the kids in child watch, while Nick and I worked out together. What a luxury for us and such a fun time for Piper! She always needs some convincing to leave child watch because she enjoys playing with their toys and the other kids there so much!

After the gym, we went grocery shopping. I felt really accomplished by noon on Saturday, having groceries for the week ahead shopped for and my workout in for the day. I love to do my grocery shopping on Saturday for the week ahead. It leaves no errands to run on Sunday.

Here's the meal plan we're working with for dinner this week:

M - Tilapia + Broccoli

T - Chicken Stir Fry + Vegetables

W - Burrito Bowls

T - Spaghetti Squash + Meatballs

F - Naan Pizzas

When we got back home, and all of our groceries were put away, Piper went down for a nap. Nick and I joined her for a quick nap of our own and then we started getting busy with housework.

We had some beautiful weather this weekend! My husband painted some of the shutters on the house on Saturday evening while Piper and I played outside, "painting" the sidewalk with chalk. I made turkey chili for dinner, which we all gobbled right up and then before long, it was time for bedtime routine.

On Sunday, we woke up early again. I woke up a little earlier than everyone else so I could get started writing this post for today. Then, shortly after, Nick and Piper joined me downstairs. We got ready for church, the early service, at 9 a.m. because my husband and I are starting a series of classes with the church that run during the second, later service. We are both excited to start these CORE classes at church, which will bring us one step closer to becoming official members of Grace!

After church and our CORE class, we came home to eat the rest of the chili that I had made the night before. Then, it was time for Piper's nap and, since Piper hasn't been sleeping well through the night for well over a week, Nick and I joined her for a little nap of our own, again. 
{Side note: it's kind of been like we have a newborn over here again. Piper, our almost-3-year old wakes up literally every 45 minutes to an hour all throughout the night. She doesn't need anything except for reassurance that we are still there, then she falls back asleep. Any tips or suggestions to help us get back to a decent sleep schedule are more than welcome!}
After Piper woke up from her Sunday nap, we went over to Nick's mom's house to carve pumpkins with the family!

This has been an annual tradition on their side of the family well before I came around 14 years ago. It's always been fun but, now that Piper's joining in, it's the most fun it's ever been!

Since the weather was so great this past weekend, we were able to carve pumpkins outside! It was such a beautiful night with the sunset and the beautiful Fall foliage all around. I'd have to say that after last night, the smell of pumpkin and leaves is one of my favorites right now.

After our great weekend, I am feeling very refreshed. I am ready to make this week count for something!

Make it a great week, everyone!


  1. My daughter Claire is the same age as Piper and usually wakes up once per night for the same reason but the last month it's been about 3 times per night. It's exhausting! We gave her our bed and we got a new one so when she wakes I just go lay with her for a few minutes and go back to my bed (sometimes I fall asleep and I'm there for a few hours) doing this helps so my husband gets a better night sleep since I go to her bed vs her sleeping between us. Very rarely she will sleep through the night and we get excited. But I hope others will give advise because I would like some too besides just letting her cry it out. I just can't do that.

    ~ Kayla

    1. Thank you for telling me I'm not alone in this, Kayla! I am wondering if it is some sort of sleep regression around this age, too.