Thursday, November 2, 2017

Focus Word: Balance

At the beginning of 2017, I declared that not only was I going to focus on balancing it all, I was going to put action to the word balance. I said I was going to work on more of a schedule; that there would be a time for work, a time for writing, a time for it all. I said I'd try living by the words: "You can do it all; just not all at once".

I said a lot of things, alright.


It's almost the end of 2017 and I am taking some time to look back on how well I actually did with focusing on the word "balance" this year.

For some reason, it is really easy for me to immediately start thinking about all of the times that I failed to maintain balance this year. But, I am trying hard not to focus on the bad right off the bat. So, let me try to think of some times when I did a good job at maintaining balance in my life this past year.

This summer, I did an awesome job at maintaining balance as far as eating well to lose weight. At one point, I got all the way down to 228 lbs this year {at 236 currently}. With a starting weight of 255 lbs. at the beginning of 2017, I'd say that even though I am currently up a few pounds from my lowest weight, I did a pretty good job at maintaining the balance required to lose about 20 pounds in 2017!

My work with Anything Rustic really took off fast this year. By the end of Spring, I had made more than I made in the entire year previous. I was working hard and by the middle of summer, I needed a break! So, I took one. Good job, identifying a need for balance, self.

There have been times when I clearly wasn't doing a good job at balancing things this year, too. Hello, 8 lb. weight gain in two months. While that was clearly due to an imbalance {too much eating out vs. eating in, etc.} it's good to remember that not all things that seem like an imbalance are actually an imbalance. 

When things fall through the cracks, it's easy to think that it's due to an imbalance. But, at times, letting things drop is actually part of the balancing act, whether we're dropping things intentionally or not. 

For example, I haven't been recording my weekly weigh-in's on YouTube lately but, since I didn't do that for a couple weeks, I am now eager and refreshed enough to record a new {and hopefully inspiring} video this week! 

Balance is key. Too much of something, even if it's a good thing, can be draining. We need to know when to give ourselves a break, and when the break has been long enough.

The past couple months, I haven't been doing so well with losing weight but, thanks to that long unintentional break from losing weight, I am feeling prepared to make November a great month on the scale. I experienced a couple months of basically eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and now, I'm craving the balance of  moderation, once again.

Balance, balance, balance. It's an endless work of art. I think it's a word that could be on my focus list every year!

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