Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Focus Word: Intention

As we are nearing the end of 2017, I have been taking a little time to think back on my focus words for 2017. Today, I am going to reflect on the word: Intention.

I am not going to lie. Doing life with intention seems to be my biggest struggle right now. Especially these past few weeks. I feel like I am constantly going with the wind and thus, I'm not doing much with intention at all.

Sometimes it's good to just go with the flow though and, enjoy the moment or, more specifically in my case, enjoy my family time while they are still in town.

My nephew is visiting all the way from Guam.

At the beginning of the year, I was doing much better about being more intentional with my time. I was planning out my day each morning and things just seemed to flow much easier because of that intentional planning. 

I find that when I make a to-do list for myself each day, things go smoother. I usually start with a "top 3" to-do list and then scribble down a wish list of others things that would be great to get done that day, too.

My goal this year was to be intentional enough so there would be specific times for working on my business, a time for blogging, etc. but, that hasn't really been the case lately. For instance, it's after midnight now as I'm writing this post and, if I were honest, this post on "intention" wasn't even written out with much intention behind it at all. I just decided to start writing because I was still awake and wanted to do something productive.

The reason I made "intention" one of my focus words for 2017 is because it's a challenging one for me to focus on. At times, I am very intentional in all I do and during other times, like recently, I just bounce around from one thing to the next. It's not very productive to work that way but, sometimes it is necessary for good reason. We all need a break from routine occasionally to avoid burnout, right?

Most importantly, or maybe most relevant to this blog, I wanted to be more intentional with my time as it relates to my weight-loss goals this year. I wanted to be intentional in my planning when it came to meals and exercise each week. I think I did a really great job at making meal plans in 2017 but, sticking to them was another story at times. More so, later in the year.

In 2017, my intention fizzled out in some areas this year. My weight-loss stopped once Fall came around; I lightened up my own work load with my business to enjoy more family time, and; I stopped following through on a lot of my own planning.

Some of this lack of planning with intention was due in part to another focus word I made a priority for 2017: "balance", and some of this is due to my lack of planning with intention in general. Either way, it's been a good challenge for me to focus on this word in 2017 and I think I'll be keeping it around for 2018, too.

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