Friday, November 17, 2017

New IG: GoalOfLosing100

Just wondering... how many of you are following me on Instagram?

Originally, I started the Instagram {IG} account @GoalOfLosing as an extension of this blog but, truth be told, I mostly just share pictures of Piper and our family adventures, instead. There's not much on that account about what I'm eating or what I'm doing to try and lose this weight.

I don't want to not post pictures of my family adventures on IG because, I love to look back on all of the fun we've had over the years with a simple scroll {or 20}, but; I've been feeling like I do need an IG account that is in line with my health & wellness, too. 

So, I've started another IG account as the true extension of my blog:

{The original, @GoalOfLosing account will remain my personal account.}

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And guess what? Since starting this new wellness-driven IG account, it's been inspiring me so much already! I look forward to taking pictures of what I'm doing each day for self-care, wellness and weight-loss. It's like my own little corner of social media where I can motivate myself and hopefully others, along the way.

This is what I've been missing! It's so exciting to find new motivational tools to help you on your weight-loss journey and this is a big one for me!

Readers, I hope you'll join me over on the new IG account! If you have one, please share your IG information in a comment below so I can follow you on your journey, too! Let's do this!

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