Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Eve-Eve 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday was Christmas Eve-Eve. It started snowing that morning, giving us great hope for a white Christmas.

We took Christmas Eve-Eve nice a slow. We savored every minute of that peaceful morning and the feeling that Christmas brings.

I always want to remember how the house smelled from the lit fireplace and peppermint candles burning in the kitchen as I wrapped the last of the Christmas presents. I want to remember how beautiful the snow looked outside the windows as it fell heavy and soft, covering everything in sight. I want to remember Piper's sweet anticipation of Santa coming soon.

We made a caramel apple heath dip, an old favorite, to take with us to a Christmas exchange with my mom's side of the family that night.

We had a lot of fun at the Christmas exchange that night.

We all ate entirely too much and we were all too spoiled at the Christmas exchange. After exchanging gifts, we played table games together until it was time to go home.

Piper went to bed easily that night after all of the excitement.

While our house was quiet and dimly lit from the lights along the fireplace and our Christmas tree, Nick and I decided we couldn't wait any longer to exchange the gifts we got for one another.

I surprised Nick with a few gifts, the biggest surprise being his new guitar that he had been wanting for many months now {ever since he began playing guitar for our church's worship crew}.

Gifting this guitar on Christmas, when we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, was extra sweet because Nick will mostly be using this guitar in worship at church.

I was completely in awe with my gifts from Nick, all of which he picked out entirely himself.

Much to my surprise {and despite insisting that I didn't need one}, Nick spoiled me with a beautiful leather purse for Christmas. Over the years, Nick has bought me all my designer purses aside from one. He continues to surprise me year after year with how much he knows my style and taste for these sort of things. 

Nick also picked out a few other things that meant so much to me. Like, a beautiful dainty little necklace to help ease my anxiety and stress. I hadn't ever heard of these necklaces before; it was a total surprise and one of my favorite new necklaces that I own. 

He also got me some new journals for prayer and checklist keeping.

Sometimes I think my guy knows me better than I know myself.

With Christmas falling on a Monday this year, our celebrations were extended throughout the entire weekend. I'll share all about our Christmas eve and Christmas day, tomorrow.

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