Monday, December 4, 2017

Focus Word: Purpose

My husband and I have been taking a CORE class through our church. The topics they cover in CORE class have been great and really made me think about my life experiences and how they led me to this very moment; to where I belong.

My favorite part of CORE was finding our spiritual gifts through a SHAPE assessment. At our church, "shape" stands for spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personalities and experiences. 

Throughout the course, we were reminded that God gave us our passions and the choice we have is to either honor God or to honor ourselves with them. The reason I mention all of this is because it really ties in to one of my focus words for 2017: "Purpose".


My passions may not be the same as yours but, they do help lead me to my purpose. I am passionate about encouraging others, keeping things and people organized, as well as executing plans. Figuring out my spiritual gifts through my shape assessment has really helped me when it comes to thinking about my purpose in life. God gave me these spiritual gifts and passions for a reason. 

I feel my purpose being fulfilled the most when I am actively using my spiritual gifts. Furthermore, I feel my purpose being fulfilled the most when I am actively using my spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

My husband and I are both going to be actively volunteering in our church. I feel like it's the best way to fulfill my purpose right now. He already has begun volunteering by playing electric guitar for the church's worship crew. I am still finding exactly where I belong but, now that I am more aware of my spiritual gifts, my purpose is more easily fulfilled.

I feel like I made some great progress in finding my purpose this year and it's something I will continue to focus on next year, as well.

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