Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fast + Slow Weekend Recap

I meant to post a weekend recap yesterday but, time got away from me.

This past weekend was a nice mix of fast and slow.

One of my favorite parts of our weekends lately is breakfast. Which is unusual for me because I am not a breakfast person. These new little breakfast calzones, however, have me feeling otherwise.

My breakfast calzones are basically just two Pillsbury crescent rolls filled with a half slice of deluxe american cheese, 1 piece of cooked turkey bacon and 1 scrambled egg. I made 4 at a time with one package of crescent rolls and it feeds my whole family. Nick usually eats two. Piper and I each usually only eat one. 

Each calzone is 330 calories. They are a nice warm, buttery, delicious breakfast during these cold winter months. I love to eat mine with a side of hot coffee to sip on. It's absolutely dreamy.

Okay, now to move on past breakfast...

On Saturday, we helped my little brother celebrate his 8th birthday at an arcade. It was so much fun! I had way too much pizza {like 4 slices} and a big slice of cake.

On Sunday, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure because 1. My feet have been so dry lately and, 2. I'm 5 lbs. down since the beginning of the year!

I sent a message to 4 of my girl friends to see if any of them wanted to join me for pedicures and lunch. Two of them decided to join and so we had a spontaneously fun girls afternoon! 

Those kinds of get-togethers are just good for the soul. Not only did my toes feel refreshed but, my soul did too.

And, lunch with the girls... oh my gosh, lunch was so good! 

I had a chicken wing salad which was basically boneless wings tossed in a gochujang mixture {a current favorite of mine} with a side of ranch. This salad was so big that it ended up being lunch and dinner for me.

At the end of the day, Nick, Piper and I ended up visiting my mom's house for my little brother's actual birthday and, had another slice of cake to end the weekend.

Thankfully, despite all of the eating out and cake consumed, I was only up 1 pound from the weekend and it's already gone now that it's Tuesday.

I have 4 pounds left to lose before my diet bet ends in 13 days and I'm determined to lose it while enjoying life lately!


  1. Good for you for treating yourself to a girls day/pedicure! You can totally rock the 4 pounds for the diet bet!

    I have done breakfast pizza like your calzones....just put the crescent rolls as the crust ..shredded cheddar over that and some whipped eggs poured over that. At that point add whatever meat desired.._and bake. Delicious!!