Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Peace Out February + Fresh Outlook

I'm kind of glad that February is the shortest month of the year because, it was a rough month for me. I got sick with some sort of virus (that just keeps hanging on). I have had little to no self-control when it comes to my eating and, I've let my anxiety get the best of me a few times too many this month.

I feel like a broken record but, here we go again.

I've been overindulging in my food intake all month long. In January, I lost 10 pounds fairly quick because I was depriving myself in order to win my diet bet. So, in February, I had a free-for-all. I ate way too many donuts, drank way too little water, and had way too many late night snacks. I gained most of my weight back that I lost in January.

I should know better. Depriving myself in order to lose weight is not healthy for me. It always leads to a cycle of over-indulging, after the fact. Well, I'm hoping to stop the cycle now. There will be no more depriving myself; I am going to work on my moderation, yet again.

So, to be very clear with myself...

Can I eat donuts?
Can I order chinese food?
Can I get fast food?
Can I go out to dinner?

Can I do all of those things and still lose weight?

Well, if you've been following my blog long enough, you know the answer is YES.

I've lost 40 pounds before, all while still eating all of the food that I love. The catch is that I moderated what I ate. I compromised. I didn't eat it all at once.

Honestly, I don't gain weight by eating one donut; I gain weight by eating six donuts in a sitting when I'm already topped out in my nutritional ranges.

It's not the food that's making me gain weight; it's my lack of self control. It's my overindulging that is making me gain weight.

Now, while February was a rough month for me, February was also great in some ways, too. It wasn't all bad. February is my birthday month. I got a night out with my girl friends; I got a few date nights with my husband and; we stayed out of town overnight, just the two of us.

There were a lot of good moments in February, beyond the struggle of my weight gain. Even so, I am very happy to welcome a fresh new month with some fresh new goals and a fresh outlook on how I'll be working on losing this weight!

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