Thursday, March 1, 2018

Off-Track Habits vs. On-Track Habits

Shout out to the month of March -- I've been waiting for you! So glad you're here.

If you read my post from yesterday, then you already know that February was a rough month for me. I am so happy to welcome a fresh new month with a fresh new outlook!

Honestly, I have been "off-track" from living out my healthy lifestyle for a while, now. I have been trying to get back "on-track" but, it's hard to figure out where to start. In order to help me get on the right track, I started writing out some of the habits that I find myself in when I''m both "off-track" and "on-track".

My "Off-Track" Habits:
Binging on television series / escaping reality
Routinely staying up too late (like 12 a.m. bedtimes)
Late night snacks / "second dinner"
Not drinking enough water
Eating out more frequently
Sleeping in until Piper wakes up
Lack of intention to start my day
Not tracking my what I eat with Sparkpeople

My "On-Track" Habits:
Watching more inspirational content
Going to bed at a decent hour
Planning out snacks / Meal prepping
Reaching my water goal consistently
Eating out less often
Waking up with an alarm
Starting the day with prayer and intention
Tracking everything I eat with Sparkpeople
This month, I am going to focus on living out my "on-track" habits and, I believe the weight-loss will follow.

Readers, what are some "on-track" habits you're going to focus on this month?

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