Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Wild Wednesday

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, I took Piper to the library for a special story time. There were some representatives from our local zoo at the library with a few of their furry friends!

Piper had so much fun petting the animals and, dancing around at the end. It was so cute to watch!

After the fun at the library, we went to Piper's pediatrician's office. I have been suspecting that Piper has a bladder infection or a UTI for a few days now and so, we went to get that checked out. It turns out, she had some blood in her urine and so, the culture was sent out and we should know more soon.

After Piper's appointment, we stopped at my chiropractor's office so I could get my back adjusted. I'm friends with my chiropractor and so, I started telling her about the blood they found in Piper's urine. She asked if she could look at Piper's back and when she did, she found her to be very out of alignment. She lifted Piper's feet and I could see they were off; one foot was like 2 inches shorter than the other. My chiropractor made a couple gentle adjustments, lifted Piper's feet again and, they were completely even! She said her L3 was out of alignment which correlates to the bladder. I love my chiropractor! Regardless of what Piper's culture results are, I have a lot of faith that the adjustment will help!

Later on that night, we went over to our pastor's house to have dinner with their family. Angi made a keto cheeseburger calzone that was out-of-this-world good and we brought some strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was so nice chatting with them over dinner. Piper loves to play with their kids, too. It was a good end to a wild Wednesday.

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