Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eating Out + Gym Balance

Happy Thursday!

I have been loving the gym lately. Really, truly, loving it! This past week, I tried out the stair stepper for the first time at my gym. Prior to this week, I had always been too intimidated to try it. It is a really tall piece of gym equipment! But, I faced my fear and gave it a shot and, I'm so glad that I did! I definitely worked out some muscles that I wasn't use to working out that day. I gave myself some extra stretches after that workout.

At the beginning of May, I made it a goal to only eat out twice a week and, believe it or not, I managed to fail kind of hard at this goal. I was counting going out to ice cream as "eating out" and so, we ate out about three times a week, each week. We really like ice cream season. We also love family dinner dates.

Despite all of our eating out lately, I am still hanging around the same weight of 237 lbs! Woot woot! I am really excited about eating all of the yummy food we've been eating and NOT gaining weight.  Obviously that's not the goal but, it is a relief. Working out in the gym is helping me keep my balance.

Not only have I been going to the gym but, we've been taking a lot of walks outside lately, too.

How cute is Piper with her baby? I just had to share that picture of her - given the post I shared earlier this week.

Thanks for stopping by today! Make it a great one, everyone!

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