Monday, May 21, 2018

Piper's First Fishing Derby 2018

Yesterday, Piper participated in her first fishing derby! It was actually her first time fishing, ever. She loved it! Piper won 1st place for her age range (1 - 5 yrs.) and she won 2nd place for the biggest fish overall! We were so proud and, she was, too!

Piper has been asking to go fishing for a while now. Nick and I don't know anything about fishing and so, we were super grateful that Nick's brother is basically a pro and was super excited to help Piper out! We couldn't have done any of this without Uncle Jason.

Uncle Jason was so good with Piper at the fishing derby. He had so much patience with her and, took the time to explain everything to her. I think these two fishing buddies are going to have a lot of fun in these coming years.

Nick and I are going to have to learn a little more about fishing now that we have a 3 year old champion fisherman living in our house. Uncle Jason took the winning fish over to be mounted and we should have the prize fish ready to be put on display in about 10 months. It's going to be his Christmas present to Piper -- how stinking cute!

I never was a fan of fishing until Piper became interested. Now, I couldn't be more excited to support her interest in it all.

I could have never dreamt this little girl up if I tried. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

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