Thursday, June 14, 2018

Finally Under 235 lbs. - Again

Yesterday morning, I weighed in at a new lowest weight for the year - 234.5 lbs. I was so excited to see a number below 235! The last time I weighed in at 234 lbs was in November. That was seven months ago! It feels good to be back.

Some things that I've been noticing about my day-to-day now that I'm back down under 235 lbs...

1. My wedding rings are really loose. Whenever I got married, I weighed around 240 lbs. and so anything under that, I start feeling my rings get more and more loose. Well, even though I am only down about 6 lbs. from my wedding weight, I am noticing a big difference!

2. I'm not being too restrictive, I'm just making more healthy choices than not. I mean, I still ate out this week and got a milkshake from Cold Stone but, when I wasn't indulging in treats, I was making healthier choices.

3. I've been active almost every day, in some way, because I truly want to be. My daily activity hasn't and doesn't necessarily need to be in the gym either. I've been craving the extra activity lately. It's my own little escape or, my own time to process things. Last night, for example, I went for a run just because I wanted to do something good for my body and help me to process a big (and good) decision I have on my plate. Turning to exercise more often than food has been a good change for my lately.

4. I've been drinking water like crazy. Being hydrated has been helping me feel better and, when we feel good, we're more apt to make good choices.

Summer officially starts next week and, I just know this summer is going to be a good one for my weight-loss journey!


  1. Yay!! What a wonderful accomplishment! It's so motivating when you hit a new goal!! And I know what you mean about the wedding ring being too big - my husband and I both had to get plastic sizers to keep them from flying off! I think we'll have to bite the bullet soon and either get new bands or get them properly sized (since we haven't been wearing them for months bc they're too big with sizers!). Congrats on the goal and keep it up, lady!!

  2. Congrats!!! Keep up that downward trend! I love that you haven’t totally deprived yourself either. You are cognizant and making good choices but you are not being utterly militant! That is awesome!!!

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