Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My First SUV

Hey friends! How are you doing? After a long weekend of being down with the stomach flu, we are all doing a lot better now. That is, with one little exception. I developed an infection {cellulitis} while down with the stomach flu and now I’m on an antibiotic. To say that I’m exhausted is an understatement. I am thankful, however, that all pain is gone!

Last week, I promised that I had some new exciting news to share.

After almost 10 years of driving around in my little Ford Escort, our family finally upgraded to an SUV! My first SUV! 

Our "new" SUV is an older H3 {a 2006} and, it is high mileage but, it is in great shape, all things considered. Given it's age and mileage - it's likely coming in to a higher-maintenance period of it's life but, thankfully, Nick is a mechanic and he should be able to give it all the TLC it needs to stay dependable for our family.

Ever since Nick and I decided that we wanted to expand our family, we have been talking about getting an SUV. The price was never right, though. We actually gave up the search all together a couple weeks ago, when we agreed to just stick it out with my car for the long haul and figure it out later. Not even 24 hours later, we ran into a little thing called fate.

As we arrived at my mom's house two weekends ago, her friend was getting into her SUV in the driveway. I told Nick, "that would be the perfect size SUV for us". I really liked the style of it, too. When we got out of our car, I asked my mom's friend how she liked her SUV. She said she loved it but, she had to sell it because she was possibly looking for an SUV with a third row. I asked her how much she was selling it for and, it was in our price range! I got really excited and asked Nick to look it over. It took Nick a little more convincing but, before we knew it, we were test driving it and putting an offer on it later that evening.

This entire experience was just another example that I can plan all I want - fate will always find me.

This SUV is such a blessing for our family. I feel like by purchasing our first SUV, we just found another piece to the puzzle of expanding our family.


  1. Wow that is a nice car. It was really taken good care of from the look of the picture. Congratulations !

  2. Congrats on the new vehicle! (New to you equals new)