Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Prenatal Vitamins + Nails

Happy Tuesday!

I have some happy news, today. So, last week I mentioned that I made it below 235 lbs. on the scale and that my wedding rings were feeling loose, right? Well, I am officially two wedding ring sizes down from my original size-9 and, rocking this new size-7 on my finger!

I bought a stand-in ring for my wedding rings for now, that way I don't have to resize them in case I do get pregnant sometime in the next year or so. No, I'm not pregnant now (womp womp) but, I pray that day will come in God's perfect timing. You can read more on that, here: Faith Over Fear: A Second Child.

I did get a few people wondering if I was pregnant when I mentioned that I was taking prenatal vitamins on Instagram last week. Again, I am not pregnant. Better luck next cycle. Which unfortunately is double the length of a typical cycle since I have PCOS. Sighing and moving on with a grateful heart, for I trust God's plan is best. It is well with my soul.

Songs of the moment: "It is Well" by Kristene DiMarco & Bethel Music + "So Will I" by Hillsong Worship

All of this questioning had me wondering: am I the only one who takes prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant?

I did this before we starting trying to get pregnant with Piper, too. Maybe I'm just a little weird but, I like to take prenatal vitamins for at least a year (or as long as I can) before getting pregnant, just so my body is stocked up on the vitamins and, also, so I can reap the benefits of them (like stronger nails and thicker hair).

It might be weird but, my nails aren't complaining. I haven't had nails this strong and long since I was pregnant in 2014.

Readers, did any of you take prenatal vitamins before being pregnant?

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  1. I am taking prenatal vitamins per my OBGYN. She told me that it's a good idea unless I'm on birth control. But so far, no baby for us. :/