Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rest Day = A Day Wasted?

Wow! I seem to be constantly reminded how much can change in a matter of hours lately, especially when it comes to my health.

Yesterday morning started out rough. I began an antibiotic the night before and woke up feeling, well, for lack of a better example... I woke up feeling drunk. I just couldn't shake it. I knew that fatigue was a side-effect of my antibiotic but, this was some next-level fatigue. I felt like I was having an outer-body experience for the better part of my day.

Mid-morning, my grandma came to grab Piper for a few hours so I could rest and, I'm so thankful that she did. I ended up canceling my appointments for later in the day and, just spent yet another day resting.

It's so hard for me to "waste a day" resting, especially since this was the third day in a row. On Monday, I had the stomach flu - bad, on Tuesday I was recovering and, on Wednesday, I was adjusting to this new antibiotic. Let's hope there's no surprises in store for me, today. I am just looking for a little bit of normal - I would just love a normal, ordinary day. 

Now, of course, I know that resting should not be considered a waste of a day. Rest is important. It is a form of self-care. Speaking of self-care, a few weeks ago I filmed a self-care day at the YMCA and finally got around to uploading it last night.

Of course my self-care day included some time at the zoo because, we basically live there. That is, when we aren't sick.

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