Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Spiritual and Physical Health

Welcome to Tuesday!

If you've been around here for a while then, you might know that I have, at times, had a complicated relationship with food. More so, I am known to take comfort in food. Night-eating is especially a big challenge for me. Or at least, it was.

As of late, I have been doing fairly well at keeping the balance of eating healthy and also indulging in some treats. I haven't been going overboard with food, like I was doing for so many years. I also haven't been night-snacking as much. 

Does this mean that you won't see me eating cake at a birthday party or, have multiple slices of pizza during a get-together? No. I can almost guarantee you will see me enjoying life at these events but, it's what I'm doing outside of these special occasions that really add up.

Recently, as I've now totaled 15 pounds lost in 6 months, I have noted a specific change that has helped tailor my habits into healthier ones. While, it wasn't my intent, I have found that spending time reading the Word daily and praying more intentionally has helped me to stop seeking comfort in food as often. Does that mean it won't happen again? I really don't know. I imagine I will continue to have some occasional struggles in the comfort-food department but, I am happy to say that as of right now - seeking comfort in God and His word has helped me to stop seeking comfort in food.

Like I said, this was not my intention. I didn't start trying to grow my relationship with God for this reason but, it is just something I've noticed happening and figured it was worth mentioning.

Over time, I've found myself diving into my Bible instead of diving into our food-pantry, and; I praise God for His comfort in these times because, I am not only becoming healthier spiritually by doing this but, I am also becoming healthier physically.


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