Monday, July 9, 2018

Independence Day 2018

Good morning and happy Monday!

How was your Independence Day? We had a lot of fun with family and friends! In between all of the celebrating, we took some time to talk about what freedom means with our three year old, too - which was really special for us.

When Piper was asked later on "what does freedom mean?", her response was "freedom to pray to Jesus and to play". She pretty much nailed it. We are all so grateful for all of our freedom!

The night before the 4th, we went to our local park to watch fireworks. The local fire department had a whole celebration going on, with bounce houses, rides, food vendors and a beer tent. Nick's mom happily offered to take Piper around on the rides with her friend, Ethel and Piper's little best friend, Amelia. Nick and I had a couple hours to ourselves and, ended up spending most of that time testing some home-brews at the beer tent. It was so much fun! We all reunited just in time for fireworks at the end of the night.

On the 4th, we had a picnic at my aunt's house. Surprisingly, I didn't take any pictures but, I am okay with that because we were just in the moment, enjoying our time together. We ate, played games and ended the night setting off some of Piper's "fireworks" - sparklers, smoke bombs, etc.

All in all, our Independence Day celebrating was really relaxing and fun! I ate too much, drank too much and, ended up feeling like the "marshmallow man" the following days but, I am making my way to getting back on track and I am feeling less bloated today! 

One thing I always try to remember is that "losing weight while living life" will mean ups and downs on the scale - as long as I'm enjoying life and trying to live healthier a majority of the time, that's what matters most.


  1. What a wonderful 4th...and such precious responses from your daughter!!!

    Thanks for the reminder that losing weight while not being so militant (living life) means the scales fluctuate more...I needed that reminder!!!

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