Monday, August 6, 2018

Call Me Shameless | One Day or Day One

Hey! I've noticed an increase of readership over the past week. For anyone who is new here, or just recently found their way back to my blog - welcome. Thanks for being here! You can find me here most days, as I try to update Monday - Friday.

For those who might not know, my name is Kalyn and I have a goal of losing 100 lbs. while living life. That means, I don't believe in putting my life on hold to lose weight. I actually wrote a re-introduction post not too long ago - you can read more about me and my journey, here: Re-Introduction Time.

Well, today is Monday, which means back to the grind for most of us. In a sense, that is also true for me, however, most of my grind wrapped up yesterday.

I own a small business, Anything Rustic. As a part of Anything Rustic, I consign at local shops and participate in a few vendor shows each year. Yesterday was one of our biggest and one of our favorite shows of the year: Light Fest. It was a long day of work and play.

Today, I am recovering from my nearly 12 hr. shift from set-up, to tear down, to putting most everything back in it's place here at home. After spending most of my weekend prepping for the show and then, wrapping it all up - I was exhausted. Today feels more like a rest day to me and, that's okay.

My participation in this most recent vendor show had a slight bitter-sweet undertone to it. If you were here last week, then you know I've been at a bit of a crossroads as far as what's coming next for my business and a potential job opportunity. Without going into too much detail, this Fall, I am either going all-in with my business or, I will be scaling way back. Bitter-sweetness all around.

With so much going on last week and this weekend, I didn't pay much attention to my new list of goals I set out for myself. I didn't track my nutrition much at all last week or, focus as much on my water-intake as I would have liked. So, today, I declare to be a fresh start. Sometimes, you just need to declare it to make it feel more real, you know?

So, here's to another Day 1.


After years and years of being on this journey of losing 100 lbs. some might call me pretty shameless for never giving up. The truth is, being shameless is part of what it takes to reach your goals. I don't care how long it takes, or how many "Day One's" there are - I will not give up on myself and, you shouldn't either.

Comment below if today is another Day One for you! You aren't alone.


  1. Rest up today! And Iv’e had lots of day one’s! Every day should be like a day one!!! Day one’s are usually really successful!!!!

    1. It was pretty successful! Thanks for the encouragement, MaryFran! Your comments are such a blessing to me :)