Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Full Day of Eats | Processing this Transition

Yesterday was another "Day One" in the books. If you missed my post from yesterday, you can go back and read it, here: Call Me Shameless | One Day or Day One.

I decided that in order to keep myself more accountable, I'd share my full day of eats with you all.

Monday, August 5, 2018

3 pieces of bacon
Coffee with 3 tbsp. of creamer

24 pieces of popcorn chicken

Fiber One cheesecake bar

4 oz. Sesame Ginger Chicken 
1 c. Stir fry vegetables (mushrooms, onions, bell peppers)
1 1/2 c. cooked rice

10 pieces Hershey nuggets

Monday's total calories: 1,841 calories

There were definitely areas for improvement when it comes to my food choices yesterday but, this wasn't meant to be a perfect day of eats by any means. Honestly, what is a perfect day of eats, even? I was within my allotted calories for the day, after all. I'm happy I was able to eat things like chocolate and still stay "on track". That's why I stay away from diets.

On Monday, Piper and I went to the YMCA in the morning, followed by some shopping at Walmart and Aldi in the afternoon. We were at Walmart right during lunchtime and so, I grabbed a to-go container of popcorn chicken for the two of us to share. It's the perfect size for us and, it was only $2.50 for the container. No regrets!

Man, do I love days like yesterday. We were just going with the flow, out and about, running errands. I may or may no have cried on the phone with my husband when I realized we only have a few more weeks like this left before Piper starts preschool in the mornings, Monday - Friday.

Be prepared for me to talk about this preschool transition a lot in the coming weeks because, it's a big one for us. I have been so fortunate to have spent these past three years at home with Piper. Some days I'm really excited for this transition and, I feel super ready. Then, other days, I'm weepy and sad that this chapter of our lives is coming to an end. Bare with me as I process it all.


  1. I'll be looking for the preschool posts. My older son is 3 and does preschool at daycare but I'll be transitioning to staying home full time and looking for preschools and the whole thing is SO STRESSFUL!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sara! Congratulations on transitioning to staying at home full time. That can be such a blessing!