Friday, August 3, 2018

My Plans vs. His Plans | Practicing Patience + Obedience

Happy Friday! How was your week? Truth be told, I've been a little out of sorts lately. Mostly because I have a big question unanswered right now. I have two paths in front of me and, I'm just waiting on the answer as to which path I'll be taking at the end of the month.

During my summer-break, I had two interviews for what could be my first job since leaving my career as a Paralegal, right before my daughter was born three and a half years ago. 

This is kind of huge, right?

It's funny because in the interview, when they asked why I was pursuing this position, I admitted that I didn't know myself that I would be pursuing a job right now. 

The timing of this opportunity was not in my plans. If I am offered the job, I will be starting around the time that Piper enters Preschool. That seems like great timing, right? However, if we go back to when I was working in my plans alone, I would tell you that I have been looking forward to when Piper finally goes to Preschool so I could focus more on my business that I've built up from scratch, during my time as a stay at home mom.


God's plans are always better than our plans.

The fact of the matter is that I am trying to follow God's will, which I'm finding requires much obedience and patience. This process has revealed many areas of growth for me {enter, patience} and, regardless of the outcome, I am thankful for this experience.

The truth is that I don't know what God's will for my life is but, this opportunity that I have been pulled toward, and it happening outside of my timeline, was a reminder that my plans may or may not be aligning with God's true will for my life. It was a reminder to stay in prayer, to continue asking for this alignment and to stay open and patient during the process.

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  1. The beautiful thing about the difference in our plans versus God’s plans? God’s plans are always WAY better than anything I ever dream may take me a while to see it...but way better!!!