Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Nothing Tastes as Good as Healthy Feels

This is a day late but, I want to share my meal plan with you; mostly for the sense of accountability.

Monday - Turkey Burgers + Fries

Tuesday - Picnic

Wednesday - Salmon + Broccoli + Rice

Thursday - Burrito Bowls

Friday - Chicken Parm + Zoodles

Tonight we are going to a picnic, which should be a fun way to break up the week!

Tomorrow, we are having salmon for dinner. It's kind of funny because my husband and I always joke that salmon is one of those meals that we never really look forward to until we are eating it. Do you have any meals like that? Where, you know it's good for you and you'll like it but, you don't really look forward to it until you're eating it? Maybe it's just us - maybe we are just weirdos.

On Thursday, we'll be having burrito bowls and, on Friday, I am looking forward to Chicken Parmesan and Zoodles. Replacing pasta with zoodles is kind of my jam right now.

I am really determined to stay on track with my meals this week because, I went super off-track this past weekend. I went over calories on a few occasions and, I wasn't feeling good physically because of it. I know that eating well and within calories is worth it. Feeling better is worth staying on track.


My Tuesday reminder: Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!


  1. I feel the EXACT same way about salmon! It's always great once I'm eating it, but I'm never excited about it.

  2. Hey Kay, thank you for your meal plan i think i will just copy it for this week :-D. Maybe you could tell me your recipe for the Burrito Bowls?

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