Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Spoiling Quiet Moments with To-Do's and Should-Have-Done's

I've noticed a new little habit I've fallen into lately and, it's not a good one. Let me explain.

Some mornings, if I manage to wake up before my 3 year old, I grab a cup of coffee and head outside to sit in front of our pond out back. I do this in effort to soak in some quiet moments and, appreciate what is around me. Despite my intentions, more often than not, I haven't been appreciating what is all around me, as much as I should.

The other morning, I sat down in front of our pond and looked around. Instead of seeing this beautiful pond in front of me, I was looking at how much we've neglected our dear pond. We've let the plants overgrow, both inside and out. 

I take a sip of my coffee and look beyond our pond, out into the yard. Instead of seeing the beauty of nature, I see grass that hasn't been mowed in about two weeks. I look beyond that and I see a half-burned pile of branches that just won't burn down; our summer-long eyesore. Don't even get me started on the weeds that have grown so much that they are almost reaching the gutters on the other side of the garage. Then, there's the garden that is barely thriving because, we didn't ever weed it this year. We are so behind this summer and, there is so little time left.

I take a breath, realizing that I'm spoiling the moment and, I try to refocus on the good in front of me. It is August, after all. I close my eyes as I enjoy a warm breeze blowing through my hair. "Ah, August. The last month of summer", I think. Then, my mind wanders on. "Fall is coming soon. Then winter. The opportunity to sit outside like this, is almost gone. In a few weeks, it will be time to cut our plants back. This is nearly over. I didn't do enough, I didn't enjoy enough, I didn't appreciate enough." Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else?

Before I could continue down this negative spiral, the moment is gone. Piper is awake and, I spent my quiet time going through a list of to-do's and should-have-done's instead of living in the moment and appreciating what is good.

I've noticed myself doing this a lot lately. Instead of living in the few quiet moments I get throughout my days, I spend those moments thinking of what I should be doing or should have done, instead. I'm spoiling these moments with a bad mindset.

The first step to changing something is, identifying it. I've identified it and, I am ready to change but, how? I'm no expert but, the first step for myself is to share the struggle with someone else. Admitting these kinds of things is a freeing experience. 

Next, I am going to try to redirect myself any time I notice this happening. Whenever I start to think about what needs done or, where I've gone wrong - I am going to redirect my focus on what I've done right. It's probably not a bad idea to also remind myself that the world is still turning despite my to-do list not being complete. There are bigger things to worry about than overgrown weeds and grass that needs mowed.

I am done spoiling my quiet moments with to-do's and should-have-done's. The remainder of this season is going to be spent in the moment, as much as possible.


  1. I think we all do this!!! I also think that this conveys to our weight too. We look in the mirror and we only see the exercises we didn’t do. The diets that we didn’t do. The negatives. We lose the beauty of ourselves. We miss the inner beauty of our personality. We miss the amazing thing called ‘our body’. The bodies that can do amazing things that if we stop to think about will blow our minds! We lose our focus on what isn’t important!!

    1. Yes! I love how you found the correlation with our body image, here. You are so right. It's time to take our focus back!