Monday, October 29, 2018

Zoo Boo 2018 + Goals for Halloween Week

It's Halloween week, which in my house means that it's the week where we eat too much candy! This year, however, I am in the middle of a diet bet. A diet bet that I am not doing so great at winning. Uh oh!

Now, more than ever, I am aware that every decision I make is either going to count toward my weight-loss goal for this diet bet or against it. Isn't that always the case, though? Each decision we make is either helping up reach our goals or not. I think when there is a shorter deadline in mind (currently November 12th) I am more apt to remember that very important truth and live by it!

This week, I am going to try to focus on three main goals to help me get through the week with a loss on the scale.

1) Drink 120 oz. of water: I have not been doing well at drinking all of the water I need to stay well hydrated lately 
2) If I snack it, track it: Whatever I eat this week, I will be tracking. My goal is to stay within 1500 - 1900 calories. 
3) 90 minutes of cardio: I would love to make it to the gym a few times this week! My husband and I have been taking some time on Sunday's to map out our schedule and it really helps us to make sure our priorities get met. The gym is definitely becoming more of a priority for me, again.

This past weekend, our family went to Zoo Boo at the Erie Zoo! Piper dressed up in her Halloween costume, as Buzz Lightyear, and got to go trick-or-treating. She loved it!

We spent the night walking around with my mom and little brother (aka Santa and his Elf), we rode the carousel and ended the night with a spooky train ride.

I am so glad that we made it to Zoo Boo before it ended for the season! 

Readers, what are you and/or your children dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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