Friday, November 30, 2018

Just Not Fine + December Goals

Happy Friday and happy last day of November!

If you follow my blog's Instagram profile: @goaloflosing100 then you may have already seen the post where I shared about gaining half of my weight back (that I had lost during my diet bet) over Thanksgiving break. Yep. I am guilty as charged for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and that dessert table a little too much.

That is all fine in my book. Enjoying Thanksgiving is fine! What isn't fine, however, are all of the habits I've developed and let stick around ever since. Late night snacking, lack of planning/following through with meal plans, eating out excessively - all of that is just.not.fine!

At the beginning of November I made some goals and, I didn't keep them in mind much throughout this past month. The first day of December starts tomorrow and, I'm not only going to set some new goals but - I am going to keep them in plain sight, too.

December Goals
Drink more water - I need to get back into the habit
Intentional planning - this goes for meals, this goes for time - everything
Vitamins daily - it's time to refill and recommit
Increase activity - stop thinking about it and start doing it
Accountability - more blogging and tracking my results

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