Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Right Now

Hi friends! I'm popping in today with something fun that I found on another blog. The theme is "right now" and the first word of each sentence is the prompt.


Right now, I am...

marveling at my husbands work ethic, at work and at home for our family
working part-time, three days a week and I'm loving it
smelling burning candles (Rustic Woodlands from Pier 1)
noticing progress in my mindset, with my health and with the housework
feeling a sense of contentment
listening to something random, Darlingside "Hold Your Head Up High"
feeding my family chicken stir fry for dinner
making a list of upcoming blog topics
finishing the night with this blog post
reading Hero Maker by Thomas Nelson (gifted from our church)
hoping to post blog posts more frequently
smiling at my husband for clearing out the garage for our family truckster
knowing that our vehicle will be covered in bad weather makes me happy
wishing for more days of sunshine and mild temperatures
accepting that snow will be coming soon enough
rejoicing in all of our blessings, big and small
watching the candles burn
kissing Piper's soft "kissing cheeks" as we call them
wondering how much work I'll get done tomorrow with my new, longer hours
wanting to snuggle up with hot chocolate before bed 
looking forward to the first snow (secretly)
loving this season
thinking that I may try more of these types of posts in the future

What do you think?

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