Thursday, December 6, 2018

Our Winter Fun Checklist 2018

It's kind of hard to believe that the winter season hasn't even officially begun yet (not until December 21st) because of all of the snow that has already fallen in our area. Between the early snowfall, the Christmas shopping and, the calendar change to December, I'd say it's "winter enough" to start making a winter fun checklist for our family!

our winter fun checklist

bake a pie from scratch
silently watch the snowfall from under a blanket
Take our Annual Christmas light drive with the family
make so much  soup
enjoy a hot candlelit bubble bath
decorate our home with "all of the" lights ü
Lay under the Christmas tree (try it!) ü
Listen to a ridiculous amount of Christmas music ü
catch snowflakes on our tongue
bake cookies with family & friends
build a snowman
Make a snow angel

As you see, a few of the items on our winter fun checklist have already be checked off!

With snow coming so early, so did some of the Christmas spirit in our house. I love how cozy our home feels with the lights around the fireplace and the Christmas tree all lit up. While I'm sure the tree will come down soon after the holiday, I think the lights around our fireplace will be up as long as the snow is falling.

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