Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

First things first - the week before Thanksgiving my 3 year old came home from preschool with a painting of a turkey done with her hand and, I just had to share it here for my future self to look back on. How sweet is this?

Before too much more time passes, I am here to share some pictures from our Thanksgiving day!

On Thanksgiving morning (with cute bed-head and all) Piper and Nick made our annual Thanksgiving breakfast (ham and cheese souffles). Piper was so proud of herself for helping make breakfast (and we were proud of her, too)! She loves helping with most of our meals and we love creating these memories of cooking and baking together as a family.

Thanksgiving morning smelled like oven-baked goodness and chai tea latte as Piper, Nick and I streamed the Macy's Day parade from YouTube. (Side note: I love how we can stream YouTube on our tv, especially since we haven't had cable in probably two-three years, now. Don't panic - we have Netflix and Hulu!)

Instead of making a dish to take to Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's house and dinner at Nick's Busha's house, we ordered a large pumpkin roll to share at both places! While I love to cook and bake, ordering this pumpkin roll from a new bakery in town made me happy in knowing that the purchase blessed the family who just opened a new bakery and also blessed my family's bellies at the same time.

I am guilty of not taking enough pictures after we left our house on Thanksgiving day but, instead, spent all of the time together in the moment with our loved ones. Here are a few from my phone:

A couple days later, on that Saturday, I cooked my own very first Thanksgiving dinner for our little family. 

It turned out really well and, we have frozen leftovers (stored in pot-pie form) that will provide about 4 more meals for us... one day. That is, when we get our craving back for Thanksgiving type food! We have definitely had our fill, for now.

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