Tuesday, January 8, 2019

7 Day Streak

Today will be my 7th day in a row staying within calories, focusing on my health, making compromises/choosing balance instead of overindulging/restricting and, just making my goals a priority in my life. To say that I am feeling empowered would be absolutely on point!

I don’t know why it took this new year to get me back on track but, it did. I think it was a combination of a few different things that made this time the right time to start on a streak like this. I was definitely beyond tired of feeling uncomfortable and just completely depleted in different ways. The only way to fix that was to start making more time to focus on myself again.

It took some time before I realized the only person that can break the cycle and free me from defeat is myself. Nobody else is going to find the time for me to work on myself. I’m in charge of my own well-being and it’s up to me to make my goals and my well-being a priority each day. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Last night was probably the hardest out of all of my 7 day streak but, I made it within calories, again. For dinner, I made a casserole version of BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. It turned out well but, not as well as a stuffed sweet potato. I feel like the stuffed sweet potato is just the way to go because it has the right portion of potato to chicken mixture for my taste. All that said, the casserole was still good!

Today, I work all day and then will be coming home to have taco salads with my family for dinner. Having our meals planned out for the week is helping us so much, already! After weeks of not using a meal plan, it is really nice to take the guess work out of “what’s for dinner”! It also helps me to know where I need to compromise throughout my day to make room for dinner and after-dinner snack plans in my nutritional ranges. Balance has been everything!


  1. Did you share this recipe in your prepping blog? That looks good.

    1. I just actually diced up sweet potatoes, topped it with chopped chicken, bbq sauce and baked it for about an hour. Added some cilantro, as well! I think I would have enjoyed the texture of the baked potato with shredded chicken much better, though.