Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Throwback "Normal Day"

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today is Nick's first day back to work since Friday and, while we have all had such an amazing and restful holiday break, we are all happy to get back into our normal routines. 

While Nick will be going back to work, today will still a little abnormal for Piper and I. She doesn't go back to school and I don't go back to work until tomorrow. It's kind of like a throwback "normal day" for us two, back from when I was a stay at home mom and she didn't go to preschool. Aww. Sweet. I miss those days but, I also love this season so much! We all appreciate the healthy balance that preschool and working part time has brought to our lives.

Since it is just Piper and I at home today, I am planning to go to the YMCA to get us out of the house! On New Year's Day, none of us left the house, which was wonderful. Nick got some more construction done, this time covering up some pipes that ran down through the dining room, while Piper and I just hung out and played off and on between chores. 

Today, we are ready to get out and go! Piper really enjoys going to the YMCA, just as much as I do. She will be playing with the other kids in childwatch while I walk on the treadmill and lift some free weights.

As of the past couple weeks, I've been sporadically going to the gym and, with the new year here, I have just recommitted myself to tracking my nutrition intake. Given all of this, I haven't talked much about my weight-loss goals on the blog and, while weight-loss isn't my sole motivation for making healthier choices, at my current weight, it sure is a big one. 

Speaking of weight, I think this was the first time in well over 15 years that I didn't weight myself on New Year's Day. While it was refreshing to overlook the scale on New Year's Day, tracking weight is too good of an accountability tool to overlook for too long. I plan to weight myself today and will report back with my stats soon!

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