Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Losing Steam but Not Giving Up

Hi everyone and, happy Wednesday!

It's mid-week and I can already tell this week isn't going to go as planned. I haven't been paying as much attention to my nutrition intake as I was last week and, I haven't made it to the gym yet. I'm not giving up, though. While I lost a good amount of weight last week, I think the best I'll do this week is maintain and that's okay.

Yesterday was a busy day. It was my long day at work (9:30 - 9:00) and, I didn't make the best food choices. I had a free 8 piece chicken nugget and medium fry on the Chik-Fil-A app that I used for lunch and, I ate a catered meal from work for dinner. When I got home, I mindlessly ate some dinner leftovers that Nick had made and then, I went to bed.

Today is different. I do not work today and so I have more time to focus on my food choices. I have a good intention to go to the gym this evening but, the cold and snow is creating a slight deterrent. I know that if I start getting all of my water in again and, add some more activity to my days that I'll begin to see more results. 


I feel like I've been losing some steam over the past few days but, I am not giving up!

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  1. It’s always the second and third week that is hardest for me...first weeks I’m full of will go ‘do It’. Reality hits in the second and third weeks!! Keep pushing!!!