Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Can't Catch a Break

I can't seem to catch a break. First it was acute bronchitis, then it was some kind of sinus cold thing and now, it's the stomach flu. I am weak. I am weary. I am sad. I am sick. I can't wait to feel like "me" again!

The few days leading up to the stomach flu, I was doing fairly well eating within my nutritional range and getting water in. I was still sick with whatever sinus cold I had but, I pushed through and tried to stick to my goals despite not feeling well. Today, as I recovered from the stomach bug, I ate minimally, of course. I drank about 64 oz. of gatorade and finally ate my first meal of the day at dinner. All seems to be digesting well. Let's hope I am on the mend!

Poor Piper had this stomach bug first. She got sick at church on Sunday and stayed on the couch the rest of the day. She seemed to be doing much better on Monday and so, I hope I will be doing much better tomorrow, myself.

I feel like I haven't been well since last year. Yes, I am feeling quite dramatic about it. I can say that I haven't been well since last year because it's only February and, because it's pretty much true. I think I had about a week or so at the beginning of February where I felt well between all of the different illnesses I've endured. I am officially done with winter and done with all of the sickness. 

Bring on Spring!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon and that the sickness leaves your house.