Friday, April 26, 2019

April 2019 Weight-Loss Results

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the last weigh-in day of the month for me! Despite some pretty big obstacles (dealing with Nick's dad's health issues, taking him in to our home, getting him back to the hospital, advocating for him at the hospital so he could get approved for rehab, etc.), I am excited to share that I ended the month with a loss on the scale. A 3-lb loss to be exact!

4/1/19: 232.5 lbs.
4/8/19: 231.9 lbs.
4/15/19: 230.4 lbs.
4/22/19: 230.1 lbs.
4/26/19: 229.5 lbs.

In total, I have lost about 15 pounds since January! 2019 is my year!

On top of being excited about the number on the scale, I am just feeling great overall! My clothes are fitting so much better, and even loose in some cases. I have been getting a lot of compliments from people who have noticed my progress, which has been very motivating and helpful along the way! At times it is hard for me to be able to actually see the difference of losing 15 pounds but, to know that others can see it definitely helps motivate me to continue on!

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