Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Week of Photos / Photo Prompts

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

It's been over a week since I've updated and so I'm going to go through some pictures on my phone and update you all on the past week with those photos as prompts.

Last Wednesday, we got our dogs groomed for the very first time. I think that I am going to work grooming the dogs monthly into our budget because it was so nice!

Last week, my mother-in-law took Piper during the evening two nights in a row which gave Nick and I the opportunity to do something extra fun! We went on a hike and explored a local area that we've never been to before.

It was pretty amazing!

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join Piper on a field trip. We got to ride the bus together, which she was very excited about! I was so happy to be able to join her class on the trip. It was very special for us both.

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend. We spent a lot of time playing outside, and Piper enjoyed learning to ride her bike with training wheels on.

We also spent some time inside doing one of Piper's new favorite things: putting together puzzles! 

She is really good at doing puzzles all by herself. It's such a great quiet activity, too.

We went to a Memorial Day parade on Monday! Then, it was back to work on Tuesday.

Today, when I picked Piper up from preschool, we went to the YMCA! I worked out for about 40 minutes and then we headed over to the zoo! 

Piper is back at Nina's tonight. Life Group was cancelled and so, I was gifted a little opportunity to type up this update and now you're all up to date!

The school year is coming to an end and I've been a little emotional about it. I may or may not have been shedding a few tears on my back patio this morning after I dropped Piper off at preschool. I am so proud of the little girl Piper has become, and I am so grateful to her teachers for helping get her there. They've had so much influence on this year that I am having a hard time thinking up just how to thank them! If you have any good teacher gift ideas, please send them my way! Piper's last day of preschool is next Thursday! :)

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