Monday, May 13, 2019

Gaining Weight Fast

Happy Monday, everyone!

You know when I shared this post last Monday: So Much Partying = Weight Gain and, how I was going to get back on track? Well things went a little downhill in the "getting back on track" department. I was kind of getting back on track in the beginning of last week but then, our family went on a mini vacation that pretty much started last Thursday evening and continued on throughout the weekend.

So, I'm just going to cut to the chase and share the recap of my weigh-in's from the past few weeks:

4/29/19: 229.5 lbs.
5/6/19: 235.4 lbs (+6)
5/13/19: 237 lbs. (+1.5)

It's never fun to report weight-gain, especially weight gain at that kind of rate. It's SO easy for me to gain weight with my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). If I am not actively trying to lost weight, I gain it. Fast!

It's okay, though. I am sharing the gain so I can get a little more accountability to actually get back on track again. With no mini-vacation waiting for me at the end of this week, I think I will be seeing a loss on the scale!

My next steps:
  1. Focus on TODAY
  2. Drink 120 oz. of water
  3. Make a meal plan for the week
  4. Make a grocery list
  5. Go grocery shopping
  6. Track and stay within calories
If you're trying to get back on track today, you're not alone! We can do this, one step at a time!

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