Monday, May 20, 2019

Play Ball + Getting Back on Track

Happy Monday, everyone!

What a great weekend we had! Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day, as well. I woke up it being warm outside, a nice leftover treat from the weekend. It was 88 degrees yesterday, which was almost too warm but, you won't hear me say that. I really enjoyed the summer-like weather!

This morning, when Piper woke up she wanted to hit the ball around outside before school and we managed to get ready early enough to make that happen! Yesterday, after church and the fishing derby, we spent the evening outside at our house, teaching Piper how to hit a ball with her new plastic bat. She had so much fun! She picked up the stance (and the look) so fast, it's like she's a natural! She can hit that ball pretty far for a 4-year old, as well!

This morning, while Piper was at preschool, I got some cleaning done. I am about to leave to pick her up from school soon and then we will be off to the YMCA because I am getting back into the gym! It's been way too long since the gym has been in my routine and, after a few weeks of being inconsistent I'm bringing it back!

I plan to get to the gym at least one more time this week and, if I make it two more times I'd be really happy! It's all up to me! I need to schedule it in, make myself a priority and make it happen!

As for tonight, I am planning on making steak stir fry for dinner. We also have a lot of healthy snacks stocked up for the week ahead, which I am excited to dig into. Baby carrots, hummus, blueberries, dates, bell peppers, cucumbers, salad fixings, clementines, apples and more! It really helps to get back on track with healthy eating when you're stocked up and we're ready!

Have a great day, everyone!

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